Aeronautical Center Amateur Radio Club, Inc.

Next Monthly Club Meeting
May 3, 2018 at 6:30 PM
OKC Police and Fire Dept. Training Center
800 N Portland Ave.
Oklahoma City OK, 73107

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Web Policy

1. The content and format of the Aeronautical Center Amateur Radio Club, Inc. website will be approved by the website overview committee, consisting of the elected officers of the club. The website will be managed and maintained by the club's webmaster. The website overview committee will appoint a capable club member to serve as webmaster and maintain the website. The club's website will adhere to all club policies and procedures in accordance with it's constitution and by-laws.

2. The webmaster will serve as an advisory member of the website overview committee and will be responsible for all updates and additions to the website once approved by the website overview committee. The webmaster is responsible for matters concerning the website and its management, content, resource usage, etc. The webmaster will not only serve in an advisory capacity to the website overview committee but shall have a vote in the decisions concerning the website, its management, and content.

3. Changes, modifications, or additions to the Website will be submitted in writing to the website overview committee for review and approval. The webmaster will consider factors such as content, applicability and resource consumption before implementing those additions or changes.

4. Appropriate content includes, but is not limited to, the following:

* Links to other related websites.
* Calendars and schedules of upcoming events such as training, conventions, planning meetings, activities, etc.

5. The webmaster will review the target website for appropriate content, as outlined below, before a link will be established. The website overview committee members will be assigned the responsibility for monitoring the club's website. Committee members will periodically a review the website to insure continued compliance with applicable constitution and by-laws.

6. Before a website link will be approved for inclusion on the club's website, it must meet the following criteria:

* The target website must abide by all laws regarding copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property.
* No club member's personal information, e.g. address, phone number, etc., will be available on the club's website.

7. The Aeronautical Center Amateur Club's website provides it's website and links to other applicable websites as a service to the membership of the club and to the public. Inclusion of a link to other websites do not constitute an endorsement by the Aeronautical Center Amateur Radio Club, Inc. of that site or its programs over those of any other website. The Aeronautical Center Amateur Radio Club, INc. Webmaster, through the website overview committee, reserves the right to discontinue a any website link, if such a link is deemed not to be in the best interest of the Aeronautical Center Amateur Radio Club, Inc., it's Sponsor, or it's membership.

8. The qualifications to serve as the club's webmaster shall encompass the following attributes:

* The appointee to Webmaster shall have more than a casual interest in computers, the internet, and websites consisting of several years of experience designing, managing, maintaining, and publishing websites.
* This experience may be gained through education, professional experience in the computer industry, working with websites, ecommerce, etc.
* Or, experience as a hobbyist with the appropriate knowledge, skills, and abilities, along with several years of experience.

9. The privacy of the membership of the Aeronautical Center Amateur Radio Club, Inc. shall not be violated and will comply with all provisions of the privacy act.

10. These Policies and Procedures may be amended, expanded and otherwise changed from time to time by the website overview committee, and ratified by a majority vote of the membership. It is the responsibility of the club's membership to monitor any such changes and comply with the same.


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