Aeronautical Center Amateur Radio Club, Inc.

Next Monthly Club Meeting
May 3, 2018 at 6:30 PM
OKC Police and Fire Dept. Training Center
800 N Portland Ave.
Oklahoma City OK, 73107

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FAA Students

All FAA Students wishing to have access to the Aeronautical Center Amateur Radio Club - W5PAA will need to contact Matt Garcia, N5PTV. Matt is the Station Trustee and coordinates FAA student employee membership cards for the club house.

Before the card is issued, you will receive a short safety briefing on the use of the equipment as well as emergency procedures. This card will be signed by Stan Bradley KS5B and will be good for one year from date signed.

To gain access to the Club, the student will take this card and their FAA ID Card to the Security Office (located in the HQ Bldg, open 24 hours). Security will check your FAA ID Card and your membership card. They will either sign out a key or will open the outside and inside doors for you.

Our club station is being moved at this time. All equipment at the station has been moved to storage. Once the new location is set, we will update it here.

Once the club station is operational, if Security opened the doors for you, call Security (x4-4566) tell them you are leaving the building..

Any questions after normal duty hours should be directed to Matt Garcia, N5PTV at 405.954.1230 or by email.

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